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2. With every new system, you get the Laser-Therapy.US dynamic protocol generator and research tool ($1495 Value). If you really study lasers, you know that all the highest-end lasers have some form of digital protocol library (like the LiteCure Compass) that use a computer to dynamically adjust the dosage to each patients needs. This tool is a best-practice for getting the dosage optimized and it takes a computer to properly adapt the protocol for patient size, skin color and therapy goal. Now this same technology is available for every system sold from ColdLasers.Org. This is not just a printout of generic protocol like you get form some low-end laser companies, this is a web based application that dynamically creates protocols to treat hundreds of conditions.

The research tool (which is open to the public) allows anyone to search over 4000 published research papers, dozens of books and hundreds of videos to find information related to using cold laser on a wide variety of conditions. You simple enter a keyword and the system search for any resources related to laser therapy.

Our protocol generator creates step-by-step custom therapy plans for over 200 conditions for humans, pets and horses. The system includes a therapy assistant that tell users exactly where to use the laser and how long to use it for best results. It also includes resources that trace back to books, studies and other resources related to treating each condition with a laser. This is one of the most powerful tools available for laser research and dosage calculations. The "cookbook" protocols take all the stress and guesswork out of finding the optimum energy target for a variety of conditions. Some manufacturers sell individual non-adaptable protocols for $30 to $40 per protocol. That puts the value of the protocol library at over $4000. Let's face it, even some of the best laser manufacturers seem to drop the ball once it comes time to develop protocols for the hundreds of different conditions that you can treat with a laser. If you have 20 years of experience in functional medicine, you might have the instincts to create your own but most people want detailed instructions to get them started with their new laser. We all know that the protocols are just as important as the laser so we have worked with Laser-Therapy.US to build a graphic protocol library that runs on a PC, tablet or phone. This system includes over 200 graphic step-by-step protocols that are created based on key factors like condition, surface pigment, patient size and therapy goal. Using the output of the laser and 7 other factors, the system dynamically creates a graphic protocol with a therapy timer. Just push the start button and the system will tell you where and when to move the laser. Turn on the voice commands and the system will talk you through the therapy session. This allow you to relax and focus on the patient while the system does all the complex math to calculate the best dosage and timing. Here is a screen shot of how the web helps you find treatment areas and dosages.

    Protocol Library

    If you buy a laser from anyone else, you are typically on your own to figure out how to use the laser for any other conditions outside of the most basic protocols. In some cases, the factory documentation does not include any protocols. If you are new to cold lasers, the Laser-Therapy.US protocol library will make the difference between night and day on your ability to properly treat a wide variety of conditions. Right now, laser technology is rapidly changing so don't rely on an obsolete book, printout or manual that was written 10 years ago and is ridiculously out-of-date. Since the Laser-Therapy Protocol library is online, it is constantly being updated and improved. If you want the best, you need to buy from ColdLasers.Org.

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