Aspen D10


Quick Specs
Applications: Humans, companion pets, and equine

Standard Output Options:

-10,000mW (10W)
-15,000mW (15W)
-Dual 10W @ 980nm AND 10W @ 810nm simultaneous (total 20W)
-30,000mW (30W)
-60,000mW (90W)
Waveforms: CW, Pulse
FDA Status: Cleared
Stock: Yes
Delivery: Most Systems in Stock
Shipping: Included
Warranty: 2 Years
$11,995 - $49,995

Another elite class option similar to the K-Laser™, Nexus™ and LiteCure™ is the Aspen family of lasers. The new Aspen Laser Systems are a next generation of class 4 lasers that delivers superior performance at a much lower price than their "old school" competition. Using some of the best talent and lessons learned from other class 4 manufacturers, Aspen Laser Systems produces the new state-of-the-art class 4 laser. With a 8-inch touch screen controller and a new round tipped emitter, you won't find another laser with this combination of features at anywhere close to this price. The European style makes many of the competitors products look more like a brick than a clinical device and the product is built to deliver the rated output continuously. This spec is not the peak power power like some other elite lasers, it is the sustainable continuous output. Of coarse, the system can also do pulsing with user controllable on/off time and pulsing frequency control.

The system comes with an internal pre-installed library of protocols and access to a huge web-based library of advanced protocols. With this product, you will never have to break out the old protocol manual and dig through it searching for the best protocol for a new patient or condition.

The "Right" Angle Emitter

aspen emitterThe Aspen Laser System emitter is the new standard for class 4 laser emitters. Unlike the sharp metal edge of the Nexus and K-Laser emitter, the smooth rounded clear plastic emitter head has a right angle that makes it perfect for applying light pressure while moving the laser around larger treatment areas. The right angle emitter head is less fatiguing to use because you don't have to drag that long semi-rigid cable around the patient when you are treating different sides of the body, just flip your wrist. The smooth plastic handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into your hand and the integral start/stop button is easy to use. Any way you look at it, the Aspen emitter will make every therapy session easier.

The sealed plastic emitter is also more hygienic than track ball emitters that traps dead skin around the roller. Just wipe down the head with an to clean it. You don't have to take apart a track ball after every patient to remove the trapped dead skin and germs like you should with a roller ball emitter. It also delivers a much higher efficiency through the optical quality lens than you can get trying to pass laser energy through a optically inefficient sphere. The higher efficiency and cleaner probe is a big step up from older designs.

Beautiful and Functional

The beauty of the Aspen laser is more than just skin deep. The product is built with the highest quality components from top to bottom so you can expect many years of trouble-free service. The Aspen system performs a self-check at boot up so you know it is working properly.

The specially-designed emitter combines a smooth rounded-head with a flexible fiber-optic cable and a built-in on/off finger switch for great easy of use. The smooth emitter head is a big upgrade for treating animals because it does not pull out dander from the fur or hair. It is also a upgrade for humans since the smooth head slips easily over patients skin for a more relaxing therapy. Not more dragging a sharp metal edge over an area where someone already feels pain or hovering over the area. The smooth emitter head allows direct contact with the skin which can push blood out of the area momentarily and allow up to 10% better energy transmission to deep tissue areas.


The Aspen laser offers your choice of wavelengths ( 980nm or 810nm) for maximum biostimulation and depth of penetration. Both these wavelengths are within the therapeutic window for maximum depth of penetration. Using the touch screen controls, it is easy to switch modes from continuous wave (CW) to full pulsed modes. This system give practitioners full access so they can optimize their treatment for a wide variety of applications. The Aspen laser provides for a very high 3-dimensional power density that many experts think is the key to greater pain reduction. Although lower power devices can deliver the same total energy level given enough time, they can never reach the same power density of the Aspen laser.

Because the unit has continuous output, it can delivery an optimum energy dosage in a very short time or increase the dosage for faster results. Practitioners can deliver 3000 joules in as little as 5 minutes with a 10 watt system so this device gives you the option to have extremely short treatment times or deliver very high dosages for maximum impact for their patients.

Another great feature on the Aspen is the programmable duty cycle (ratio of on to off). Most systems have a fixed duty cycle of 50% or less. This means anytime you switch to pulsing the treatment time for the same dosage doubles. With the Aspen, you can create custom protocols that include high duty cycle pulsing. We often recommend pulsing in the 4 - 40 Hz but at a 95% or more duty cycle. This give practitioners both pulsing and higher dosage. Very few other system on the market allow this control.


aspen laser on cartThe Aspen laser system has the ability for firmware upgrades through the built in USB port and advanced operating software platform. This feature protects your laser from becoming obsolete and allows it to stay up to date with your business.

Unlike some other Class 4 lasers, Aspen laser not require a long startup time. Turn it on and the laser boots up and is ready for service. Similar products can take up to 10 minutes to warm up the laser before you can start your first therapy. Aspen systems are built using much of the same design principals as surgical lasers so they are ment to last.

In the picture on the left, you can see an Aspen Summit laser on the Magna cart (build originally for Multiradiance lasers). We love this combination because the cart is a good standing or sitting height and it is all metal so it is heavy enough that it will not tip over. The pocket in the front is great for holding the glasses and manuals and the metal top plate help protect the fiber optic cable because it fits into a slot. If you will be using the laser in a multi-room office, this cart offers the best overall performance and it can help extend the life of the system.



Every detail on the Aspen laser is top-of-line and that extends to the carrying case (included).

caseThis aluminum hard case with wheels make sure that your laser can travel anywhere and survive. Even though the laser weight in at about 8 lbs, this case is heavy duty and it is designed to protect your laser even in the harshest environment. Inside the case is custom foam insert for holding your accessories. Need a questions answered, just call us or your trainer for support.


This unit is designed for treating both humans and animals. At startup, you simply enter the human, equine, or veterinary password, and the unit will present the appropriate menus. When you combine all these features with the exceptional support and service you get from ColdLasers.Org, you can't go wrong with an Aspen. Although we still call this system a cold laser, it does warm tissue to the touch so it includes training as part of the package to ensure maximum safety. This training can be done using FaceTime or Skype or over the phone.

This hard case is included on all summit systems. Pinnacle systems come in a larger more expensive case.

  System Power and Style 980 nm Output 810nm
Aspen Summit Case A Aspen Summit 10 Watt Cold Laser System
10-watt touchscreen system includes "right" probe, training, certification, hard case and protocol library.
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Aspen Summit Case A Aspen Summit 15 Watt Cold Laser System
15-watt touchscreen system includes "right" probe, training, certification, and protocol library
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Aspen Summit Case A Aspen Summit 20-Dual Cold Laser System
20-watt system with independent control of 10 watts 980nm & 10 watts 810nm, "right" probe, training, certification, hard case and protocol library.
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Aspen Pinnacle Aspen Pinnacle 30 Cold Laser System
30-watt touchscreen system includes "right" probe, training, certification, hard case and protocol library
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Aspen Pinnacle Aspen Pinnacle 30 Dual Cold Laser System
15-watt 980nm & 15-watts 810nm touchscreen system includes "right" probe, training, certification, hard case and protocol library
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Aspen Pinnacle Aspen Pinnacle 60 Cold Laser System
60-watt touchscreen system includes "right" probe, training, certification, hard case and protocol library
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Aspen Pinnacle Aspen Pinnacle Pro P30 Cold Laser System
30-watt touchscreen system includes "right" probe, training, certification, hard case and protocol library
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Aspen Pinnacle Aspen Pinnacle 30 Dual Cold Laser System
15-watt 980nm & 15-watts 810nm touchscreen system includes "right" probe, training, certification, hard case and protocol library
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Aspen Pinnacle Aspen Pinnacle Pro P60 Cold Laser System
60-watt touchscreen system includes "right" probe, training, certification, hard case and protocol library
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Aspen Summit Case A Aspen Toe Nail Kit
Podiatry kit desigened to be used on toe nail fungus
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  Magna Stand for Aspen Summit $799
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  Z stand for Aspen Pinnacle (non-Pro) $600
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This system can be sold to professionals and for home use with the some additional paperwork.

Comparison of class 4 lasers*

Product Infra Red Power Interface Emitter Output Price

10,000mW@980nm or


8 inch Touch smooth radius clear plastic CW and Pulse $10,995
Pilot Laser 9,000mW@810nm LED with membrane keypad Aluminium Cylinder CW and Pulse $7,995
Nexus D10 10,000mW@980nm 8 inch Touch Metal standoff CW and Pulse $14,995
Desktop 5000
5,000mW@810nm LCD smooth glass direct emitter CW Only $6,999


LiteForce Pro

9,000mW@980nm 8 inch Touch Roller ball CW and Pulse $19,000



Up to 4 wavelengths
100mW @ 660nm
Spec is peak power

6 inch Touch Metal standoff CW and Pulse Full System Approx $23,000






6 inch Touch Metal standoff Most protocols are based on Pulsing but can do CW


Now Obsolete

* The Aspen can be built with either an 980nm or 810nm laser module.


Detailed Specifications

Aspen Laser Systems®
Touch Screen 8-inch full color
Internal Library Searchable by condition
Custom Protocols Yes
Warranty 3 Years
Included Accessories Heavy-Duty Carrying Case, Safety Goggles (2 pairs), Therapy Handpiece, and full documentation
Options Portable Cart
System Controller
Weight 7 lbs / 3 Kg
Dimensions 8.5” (W) X 9.6” (L) X 12”(H)
Operating Voltage 110/220 VAC, 5A, 50/60 Hz
A10 Emitter
Laser Peak Power 10W (10,000mw)
Laser Class 4
Fiber Optic Connection 400 microns with a SMA905 connectors
Operating Parameters
Laser 980nm or 810nm (must be ordered with the preferred wavelength)
Emitter GaAlAs Diode Laser
Operating Mode Continuous Wave (CW), Pulsing (Frequency) Single, or Repeat Variable Pulse
Pulse Duration 10Ás-3s
Repetition Rate 0.2Hz-20KHz
Aiming Beam Red Diode Laser, Wavelength: 635nm, Power:1-3mW
Self-Calibrating Yes
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The Industries Best Protocol Library
When you buy from ColdLasers.Org, you don't have to guess how to use your new laser. Every new laser comes with the Laser-Therapy.US Therapy Tool. This system dynamically creates pictorial treatment plans for over 200 different pain/inflammation/bloodflow related conditions for humans, pets and horses based on real world patient factors.
Gold Star No Sales Tax Outside Colorado
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The Nexus D10 was created for practitioners who want the most flexible and powerful options available.

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