Quick Specs
Applications: Humans, companion pets, and equine Therapy Laser (Not technically a cold laser, will warm the treatment area)

Output: 10,000mw (10 w) Continuous @ 980 nm

Waveforms: CW and Pulse User Selectable
FDA: Cleared
Stock: Yes
Delivery: 2-4 days
Shipping: Shipping, installation, and training included in price
Warranty: 2 Years
Restrictions: Call

The Nexus lasers are no longer in production. They were built by Gigaa in China. Currently we sell the EVOlaser, Apollo, K-laser , Accuray and Pilot Class 4 systems.

An extensive pre-installed library of protocols is at your fingertips through the 5-inch touch-screen. Just browse through the protocols grouped by anatomy, condition, and chronicity. You can also create and save your own user-defined protocols. With this product, you will never have to break out the old protocol manual and dig through it searching for the optimum protocol for a new patient.

The beauty of this device is more than just skin deep. Using the highest quality German laser diodes available, the Nexus 10 offers the optimal wavelength of 980nm for maximum biostimulation. With a choice of modes from continuous wave (CW), single pulse, and full pulsed modes (frequencies), practitioners can optimize their treatment for a wide variety of applications. If you need power, this unit has power to spare.

The specially-designed emitter combines a fiber-optic connection with a built-in on/off finger switch. The unit can also be controlled with an optional foot. The system also has the ability for firmware upgrades through the built in USB port and advanced operating software platform. This feature protects your laser from becoming obsolete and allows it to stay up to date with your business.

Nexus Lasers have been designed using a higher power, single wavelength emitter module with a fiber optically connected hand-held wand. This design allow for a large treatment spot size for maximum power coverage.

This system provides for very high 3-dimensional power density. The fiber optic cable has been developed for maximum flexibility during use, while maintaining overall durability to ensure reliable and consistent laser energy transmission to the end of the hand piece.

Because the unit has a 10-watt continuous output, many of the protocol setups take as little as 1 minute. In many cases, you can complete an entire therapy session at optimum photon density in just 5-10 minutes.

Unlike some other Class 4 lasers, the Nexus 10 does not require a long startup time. Similar products can take up to 10 minutes to warm up the laser before you can start your first therapy.

This unit is designed for treating both humans and animals. At startup, you simply enter either the human, equine, or veterinary password, and the unit will present the appropriate menus from that point on. As an animal laser, the 10-watt output and rugged head are perfect for the demands of the equine market.

When you combine all these features with the exceptional support and service you get from ColdLasers.Org, you can't go wrong with the Nexus 10. Although we still call this system a cold laser, it can warm tissue to the touch in less than 1 minute so it includes training as part of the package to ensure maximum safety.

Nexus10 Class IV 10-watt Cold Laser System
Price includes delivery, installation and on site training.
In Stock
Built to Order
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This system is available for all applications with some limitations

Detailed Specifications

Nexus® System
Touch Screen 6-inch full color
Library Searchable by anatomy or condition
Custom Protocols Yes
Warranty 2 Years
Accessories Heavy-Duty Carrying Case (included), Safety Goggles (2 pairs included), Handpiece - Therapy (included), Portable Cart (available separately)
System Controller
Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 8.5” (W) X 9.6” (L) X 12.2”(H)
Operating Voltage 110/220 VAC, 5A, 50/60 Hz
Nexus 10 Emitter
Laser Peak Power 10W (10,000mw)
Laser Class IV
Fiber Optic Connection 400 microns with a SMA905 connectors
Operating Parameters
Laser 980nm
Emitter GaAlAs Diode Laser
Operating Mode Continuous Wave (CW), Pulsing (Frequency) Single, or Repeat Variable Pulse
Pulse Duration 10Ás-3s
Repetition Rate 0.2Hz-20KHz
Aiming Beam Red Diode Laser, Wavelength: 635nm, Power:1-3mW
Self-Calibrating Yes


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The Aspen D10 was created for practitioners who want the most flexible and powerful options available.


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