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Many years ago, we sold lasers for hair growth. After we saw that 100% of the customer were unsatisfied, we pretty quickly stopped selling hair growth lasers. The theraputic lasers sold on this site are designed for deep tissue penetration and are not usable for hair growth. In fact, we do not beleive that there is any hair growth product that sells for less $10,000 that will make a significant change.

Laser hair growth therapy is a non-invasive treatment that is being used around the U.S. since about 2002. Unlike other hair growth treatments, such as Propecia and Minoxidil that create a dependency on chemicals to maintain hair growth, cold laser hair growth treatment is based on stimulating the scalp without chemicals. The use of cold lasers for the treatment of hair loss:

  • Is very low risk (Non-addicting, non-chemical process)
  • Can be used in conjunction with other treatments
  • Less expensive when compared to many treatments
  • Typically in the 600nm wavelength to get the most energy into the shallow layers of the skin

Although large-scale independent trials have not been completed, early result show a positive effect for many patients in the early stages of hair loss and the FDA is processing applications for approved LLLT devices. Cold Lasers have been shown to repair tissues by stimulating blood circulation and encourage the regeneration of normal healthy tissue. In trials, Laser light has been shown to decrease inflammation, stimulate microcirculation and improve protein synthesis.

During the past few years, European hair growth studies suggested that cold laser hair treatment increases blood and lymph circulation at the hair roots and the energy emitted from the laser may stimulate follicular cells. Recent studies, in the U.S., have also shown positive effects on hair growth. Although conclusive clinical trials are not complete, many patients are turning to this treatment because it provide a non-chemical option for promoting hair growth.

At ColdLasers.Org, we recommend that consumers work with a hair growth professional who will guarantee results. There are expensive solutions out there that do not work.

Warning: All Treatments Are Not The Same

The quality of laser source can have a huge impact on the result. Some manufacturers are selling very low quality laser and claiming the same result as profesional equipment manufacturers. If you are investigating LLL equipment, check the specifications and see our specifications page to help you understand how each variable can effect the performance. Beware of equipment using inexpensive LED technology as it may not have enough power to have effect.

NBC Video on Cold Laser Hair Loss Treatment

Based on some positive performance of a hand-held cold laser therapy devices shown on Dateline-NBC investigation, NBC6-Miami interviewed several South Florida residents who have been receiving laser therapy from medical grade in-office "hood" equipment and found positive results.


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