Apollo Cold Laser System

Since 2006, Apollo Lasers has been delivering some of the world's best and most powerful lasers. Their family of FDA cleared lasers offers exceptional value in the class 4 group of lasers. With a balance of power and safety, Apollo lasers are widely accepted as one of the standards for professional use. All Apollo lasers are built of heavy-duty aerospace quality aluminum construction for maximum durability in both office and clinical environments. With up to 5 watts (5,000 mW) of continuous power at 810nm, these lasers were created to achieve optimum energy density in a very short period. Their 500mW trigger point probe / emitter can deliver densities up to 167.4 J/cm2 per minute so it is perfect for acupuncturist and practitioners working with trigger point therapy or treating small areas of the face and hands. The larger Apollo probes can deliver up to 72 J/cm2 per minute in a treatment area of over 1 square inch.

All the Apollo cold lasers feature:

  • LCD display that provides probe status and treatment times
  • User controlled treatment times selectable between 10 seconds and 2 minutes
  • Built in safety and fault detection software
  • Built in probe tester allow users to confirm the actual output of their probes
  • Advanced protocol training manuals
  • Key activated on/off power system
  • Standard 2 year warranty
  • Choose either the 500mW trigger point / small area probe or the broad area probes for working on deep tissue, joints and skeletal problems
Every system comes with a training DVD and protocol manual. After a quick review of the training literature, most users are experts in just a few therapy sessions.

Apollo lasers come in 3 different styles. The desktop and Portable are both FDA cleared and Health Canada certified products. The handheld does not have Health Canada certification.

Apollo Potable Cold Laser

From $5177

Apollo Portable Units

  • Heavy-duty aerospace quality aluminum construction
  • Interchangeable probes including 3000mW and 500mW cluster probes
  • Output at 810nm wavelength
  • Externally and battery powered with NiMH Rechargeable Cells
  • Perfect for multi-office use and practitioners that require the flexibility of a portable system

Apollo Desktop Unit

From $4602

Apollo Desktop Units

  • Heavy-duty aerospace quality aluminum construction
  • Two independent channels allow users to quickly treat both large and small areas without the need to unplug and plug in different emitters
  • Choice of probes including 5000mW (Quad-Beam), 4000mW (Quad-Beam), 3000mW (Quad-Beam) and a 500mW (Single Beam) at 810nm

All Apollo Systems include

  • Power Adapter
  • 1 pair of Safety Goggles
  • Laser Carrying Case
  • Book: Light & Laser Therapy: Clinical Procedures
  • Practitioner Orientation to Apollo Laser Therapy DVD
  • Patient Education Brochures

All Apollo lasers are built to the highest quality standard featuring:

  • FDA Cleared Status
  • Durable aerospace quality aluminum assembly
  • ISO 13485 quality assured manufacturing
  • Standard 2 year warranty
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Typical Battery Life for Portable Units

  1. 3000 mW probe ~ 30 2-minutes treatments
  2. 2000 mW probe ~ 60 2-minute treatments
  3. 500 mW probe ~ 120 2-minute treatments

On the manufacturer's website, they list photon densities and treatment times for a variety of emitters. Their smallest probe will achieve the higher densities faster than the larger probes so it is optimized for treating trigger points and small injuries while their 2,000, 3,000 and 5,000 milliwatt 4-beam emitters are better for large damaged areas. Notes: Since each laser diode is 500mW, this is a class 4 device. If the beams were limited to 450mW, this device would be a class III lasers. According to the manufacturer:

"Higher doses are more analgesic, lower doses more healing"

When you buy an Apollo cold laser, you can control the energy density buy using different probes and treatment times to achieve your desired results.

General Emitter Specifications

Emitter Type: GaAlAs Semiconductor Laser
Emitter Wavelength: 810nm
Beam Divergence: 9 x 38
Optical Output Power per emitter: 750mW
Total Power Output: 3000mW
Aperture: 25mm
Polarization: Linear
Laser Classification: Class 4
NOHD: 80cm
Safety goggle requirement: OD4 minimum @ 810nm

Specification 5000-C Emitter 4000-C Emitter 3000-C Emitter 500-S Emitter
No. of Emitters 4 4 4 1
Power Per Beam 1250mW 1000mW 750mW 500mW
Spot Size
2.7 x 21mm, 0.567Cm2
2.7 x 21mm, 0.567Cm2
2.7 x 21mm, 0.567Cm2
1.7 x 9.5mm, 0.161cm2
1/e2 Power Density (Irradiance) TBD 1.19W/cm2 2.79W/cm2 2.79W/cm2
Total Energy delivery per minute 300 Joules, 72 J/cm2 240 Joules, 72 J/cm2 180 Joules, 72 J/cm2 50 Joules, 167.4 J/cm2
Treatment Time for 4 J/cm2 1.40 Seconds 2.11 Seconds 3.00 Seconds 14.3 Seconds


At ColdLasers.Org, we focus 100% on cold lasers. We don't sell other therapeutic devices that would distract up from being the best source for cold lasers. If you need help choosing the best low level laser, call us at 1-800-388-0850.


LZR9 Apollo Cold Laser

Was $10,400


Notice: The LZR 7 Class IV Laser a re-branded version of Apollo desktop unit. According to the manufacturer, the LRZ7 is being replaced with a new system. This system uses the same design and emitters as the Apollo but they spec them slightly higher. The LZR7 5 watt emitter is rated at 5.1 watts. Any Apollo system can be purchases with dual emitter to get the exact same system and Apollo system are always cheaper.

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