This is a general guide to professional cold lasers for practitioners who want to directly treat damaged tissue in humans. This is the best guide for chiropractors, pain clinics, physical therapists, and rehab specialists. Here are some other guides for more specific niches: home systems, equine, vet & companion, Acupuncture & trigger point, Dental , and unattended therapy systems

You may also want to check our cold laser regulations for clinics and practitioner using a laser in their business. This guide includes high power lasers including both Class 4 lasers and higher-power Class 3b systems which are technically not "cold." The lasers in this guide all have the primary goal of photobiomodulation.

This is a very detailed introduction so here is a table of our most popular pro systems for those who are in a hurry. The following article will fill in all the details about why these are the market leaders.


System Features Warranty Price
ReGen Laser Biophotonica ReGen Laser Class-4
S1: 25w @ 810nm
SD: 40w dual wavelength
ST: 60w triple wavelength
SQ: 60.3w quad wavelength
Internal protocols that adjust for skin color, condition, chronicity and size. nice emitter design, best price/watt
5 Years $10,950

EVOlaser Class-4

S9: 9,000 mW @ 810nm
D30: 30,000 mW dual wavelength
Q27: 27,000 mW quad wavelength
Internal Protocols that adjust for skin color, condition, chronicity and size.
Great for both muscular and structural issues, the D30 is the best class 4 for the price.
5 Years




Apollo Potable Cold Laser

Apollo Portable Class-4

3000, 4000 and 5000 mW at 810nm - Continuous wave only

Portable and super simple to use

Includes Dr. Curtis Turchin's "Veterinary Laser Therapy"

2 Years $5,051 and Up
Avant LZ30x cold laser

Avant LZ30 Dual Wave Portable Class 3b

LZ30z: 1400 mW @ 808nm & 1000mW @ 637

LZ30x: 1000 mW @ 808nm & 250mW @ 637nm

Portable system is the best class 3b on the market.

3 Years




Multiradiance MR4 Class 1m

High peak power makes the system safe but effective.

Optional for laser/electrical stim in one system.


2 Years

Optional 5 Years
$5995 and Up


Cold laser therapy is a premium market with some professionals charging up to $250 per session but marketing the cold laser part of your business can be tricky so we provide custom marketing literature with every professional system over $5000. We will create custom marketing literature with your name and logo on it. We will send you the originals so you can edit or print them.

According to the FDA standards, therapeutic low level lasers can be sold and marketed for helping patients with 3 main problems:

  • Chronic or Acute Pain Relief
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Increased Blood Flow

Many practitioners and laser sellers advertise for "increased healing" but that is technically not an FDA-cleared claim, even if it is the main goal of most therapies.

Considering that 28% of Americans are in pain at any one time and even more have long-term physical challenges, there is a big market for cold lasers for pain control lasers since they can be tremendously helpful for people with the above problems.

As a professional, you can buy a laser and advertise services focused on the above 4 approved applications. However, you cannot advertise for any off-label applications. In other words, you cannot advertise that you can do cosmetic enhancement or cure cancer using a therapeutic cold laser. After you buy a cold laser, you are free to experiment with any application, you just can't advertise for the service. The lasers we sell are NOT intended for use for hair growth, cosmetic enhancement, weight loss or cosmic alignment of you chi. Our products are for the applications listed above. We also sell an FDA cleared Toe nail Fungus treatment kit for the Aspen lasers.

Selecting A Cold Laser for the Office

Before we get into the bulk of the office style lasers, I want to make a quick reference to a unique product called the MR4 LaserStim. This product is unlike the other products listed below because it is a laser, an e-stim device and a diagnostic tool. This laser has a much better ROI in many cases because it simultaneously does e-stim and laser so you can bill insurance companies for both a 97026 (IR therapy) and 97032 (e-stim) essentially doubling your income if you work with insurance companies. For anyone who does not have or want to buy an X-ray machine, the diagnostic tool can help find problem areas like a herniated disk or damaged muscle. These 2 factors together give the MR4 LaserStim one of the highest returns-on-investment.

Outlined below are the 11 criteria to consider when shopping for a therapeutic cold laser for your office. Our recommendations are listed in the box after each section.

  • 1. Broad and Pinpoint Probes - If you need a system for trigger point or acupuncture-style therapies {including smoking cessation, laser acupressure or working on small areas like hands, you might want a pinpoint probe (emitter). These emitters allow high density (up to 167.4 J/cm2/minute) in a concentrated area and make it easier to NOT get energy in the surrounding area, which is critical for acupuncture.
  • For most structural problems and deep problems, you want the largest probe diameter possible. Saturating a damaged quad muscle with a small emitter is like trying to color a full sheet of paper with a ball point pen. Many flexible systems like the Apollo,TerraQuant, Avant, and EVOlaser allow both styles of probes. Many of the higher-end units are broad coverage only.

If you need a pinpoint probe, your choices are Avant, Apollo, PowerMedic and Vectra Genisys. The TerraQuant products offer an adapter set for use as a pinpoint. The other products are all broad emitters only. The EVOlaser and ReGen have Ear, Nose and throat probes that are about .38 inches diameter.

All the systems on this site have broad probe for direct treatment of damages cells including Avant, PowerMedic and Vectra Genisys in the class 3b range and EVOlaser, Apollo and ReGen laser in the class 4 range.

  • 2. Wavelength - Close to 90+% of European lasers and about 80% of US therapy lasers operate in the 800nm to 980nm (NIR) wavelength. Research shows that 810nm is by far the best wavelength to get a deep photo-chemical reaction. Less efficient wavelengths can offset their lack of efficiency with extra power but that often cost a lot more and has more potential for tissue heating. Based on the research and many years working with lots of different lasers, we consider 810nm the "primary" wavelength and consider everything else is like icing on the cake. There are several manufacturers (like Erchonia®) that operate in the 440nm to 680nm wavelength range as a primary wavelength but they are not the typical laser company. Top brands, such as TerraQuant, Thor, Avant, Vectra Genesis, and EVOlaser operate in multiple ranges which adds to the flexibility of the product but also increase the cost. The following table shows wavelengths for a single piece of equipment and controller/probe packages.

Single wavelength IR Systems

Multiple wavelengths in one device

Controller with Multiple Laser Emitters

400 nm (blue/violet) to 680 nm wavelength (Red) Laser

Apollo, PowerMedic, 3B Scientific, ML830, MedX

TerraQuant, Avant, Lumix™, K-laser ™, Liteforce/LitetCure™

EVOlaser and ReGen

The Q1000ng™ was shut down by the FDA.

DJO Vectra Genesis, Thor™, Omega™,

Erconia ™, Avant ReVi, Multiradiance Activ

    • 3. Pulsed, Continuous, and Sweeping Waves - Pulsing a laser can provide an addition stimulatory affect in addition to just the dosage that you get with a continuous wave laser. Pulsed and sweeping systems also allow for higher power levels while still being safe since the tissue and the laser can cool down between pulses. Research shows that continuous wave is best for neuropathies and nervous system damage and pulsing is best for most everything else. All the higher quality manufacturers offer pulsed waves. Some systems sweep the pulsing frequency through a range (like 1000 to 3000Hz) so that if there is a natural frequency that would have the strongest reaction, the system emits that frequency part of the time during the therapy.

Pulsed Only


Continuous Wave Only

TerraQuant, PowerMedic,, Omega and Lumix

Avant, DJO Vectra Genesis, Thor, Theralase, Erconia, K-laser, LightForce, EVOlaser, ReGen

Apollo, Older ML830, Q1000ng and MedX

  • 4. How much power do you need? One of the biggest debates in the industry is about the power requirements. There is not one right answer, however in general,

More power = shorter treatment times

More power = better coverage of larger and deep areas

More Power = better pain control

Shorter treatment times mean you can help more patients and make more income. If the power is too low, the treatment might not ever get enough energy density into the tissue in a reasonable amount of time that people with stick with the therapy plan. Strangely, some manufacturers of lower power devices have short treatment times but they are ignoring the research and often drastically under-dosing. These systems are OK for some shallow, small applications but they typical generate very low energy densities that can take months or years to get the same result that you will get in weeks with a medium or high dosage. In general, under-dosing is a bigger problem than over-dosing. If your budget will allow, a medium of high dosage system will produce more consisten results in the shorter time.

Low Dosage

Medium Dosage

High Dosage

Erconia, ML830, TerraQuant

Avant, Apollo, Vectra Genesis, PowerMedic, Thor, Omega, MedX, Q1000ng

Pilot, Lumix, Gigaa, Liteforce, K-laser, EVOlaser, ReGen Laser

  • 5. Safety Versus Power - Cold Lasers are broken into 4 classes based on their ability to do damage (to the eye). Class I lasers can not do eye damage unless the beam is refocused, while class 4 lasers can be cause eye damage at a distance if not used properly. Higher power class 4 lasers provide the most flexibility, yet this advantage may be offset by the additional risk and liability of having such a powerful piece of equipment in your office. Keep in mind "With great power comes great responsibility".

Class 1 and 2

Class 3

Class 4

TerraQuant, Erconia, Theralase

Avant, Vectra Genesis, PowerMedic, Thor, ML830, Omega, MedX, Q1000ng

Apollo, Nexus, Lumix, Pilot, Liteforce, K-laser, EVOlaser and ReGen laser

  • 6. Hands Free Operation and Portable units Lasers come in a variety of form factors include handhelds, battery operated portables, and desktop units. Desktop units can usually be installed on a mobile cart and can sometimes be used with an articulated arm for hands-free operation. Depending on your office layout and patient load; you might prefer one form factor over another.

Battery Operated

Require A/C

TQ Solo, Apollo Portable, Avant, PowerMedic, , DJO Vectra Genesis (battery pack option), ML830, Omega, Q1000ng, , Erconia, MedX, Theralase, K-laser, EVOlaser and ReGen Laser

Apollo, Nexus, Lumix, Pilot, MR4 Pro, Elite and LS-50, Thor Desktop, Liteforce, Some K-laser

  • 7. Flexibility and Ease of Use: For some practitioners, the cold laser is a supplement to their overall business. In this case, ease of use is a priority since you don't want to put huge effort into mastering the cold laser. For others, the use of a flexible laser will allow significant expansion of their business. Regardless, we can assist in finding a unit that meets your needs. We understand that busy professionals don't have 20 minutes per patient to research treatment plans or enter individual variables into their laser.

For ease of use, the TerraQuant is good because it comes with "cookbook" style instructions. The Apollo is good because the only variable to set is time. The EVOlaser and ReGen laser are good options because the touchscreen interface, which makes selecting a protocol almost error proof and you can control every therapy parameters individually. The Avant is the most flexible class 3b system on the market.

  • 8. Protocols Lasers are only as good as the protocols that come with them. Many older systems required a PhD to find a good protocol and get it entered into the system. These days, the best lasers have "cookbook" style protocols or a graphic menu where users can quickly find a protocol for each patient. There is also more to the protocol than just documentation, the accuracy and repeatability of the protocol can have big impact on efficacy. The higher-end equipment will measure the output of the laser beams and adjust for condition, patient size and skin color so that every patient gets the optimum power.

Self-Calibrated units include the Avant are a better option. The Apollo have calibration ports built in. The EVOlaser has a large touchscreen to select from the factory protocols. The ReGen Laser has an even larger display with more protocols.

  • 9. Warranty and Repair The industry standard warranty is 2 years. All the manufacturers will repair the units after the warranty period at the owners expense. The warranty is more critical on higher-end units because the lasers are more prone to over-heating. The cost of repair is also higher for the more expensive units.
  • Some of the best laser are built in the US and any good laser will have a service center in US.

Avant has a 3-year warranty. The EVOlaser and ReGen laser offers a 5 year warranty. Thor has a 5-year warranty but requires the laser be returned annually for an expensive calibration to maintain the warranty. Multiradiance system come with a 2 year warranty but you can buy an extended warranty. Most everyone else offers a 1 or 2-year warranty.

  • 10. Aesthetics and Form Factor The aesthetics and form of the laser are important to both the practitioner and the patient. For practitioners, a well-designed product allows them to focus on their patient and not the equipment. For patients, a professional grade desktop machine often has a big "WOW" factor that give the patient confidence that they are getting the absolute best treatment. There is a big difference in customer perception if you compare using the older ML830 (which looks like a flashlight) to the EVO or ReGen laser (which have huge full-color graphic touchscreens).

Erchonia offers systems in different colors. The EVOlaser and ReGen laser offer the most professional form factor and are similar to all the other high-end class-4 systems.

  • 11. ROI and Good Will - Every successful practice must have a good return on their investment but often there is indirect result of owning a great therapy laser. More expensive machines allow for more flexibility and can mean faster results. The patients that see great results talk to their friends and this can often bring in more business and build your reputation. When you do your financial analysis, don't forget to factor in some good will. When it comes to cold lasers, you really do get what you pay for.

The TQ solo is worth considering because of its exceptionally low cost. The Avant is the best bargain in the Class 3b group. The Apollo provides medium power. The ReGen laser provides extreme power, flexability and super-high quality.

Laser Comparison

Below is a comparison of different lasers and their key specifications. The table includes several popular models that we do not sell, which we neither recommend nor discourage the purchase of these devices. These units have been included so you may see all your options. We have included some units that are not marketed based upon the 4 FDA general principals of photobiomodulation. This includes products based on scalar waves and quantum waves. These companies tend to keep their specifications a secret, therefore some information is missing. As you can see, there is not one ultimate system. Each system has advantage and disadvantages. We are happy to help you through this decision and fine the laser that best meets your needs. Call us anytime at 1-800-388-0850.

NOTE: CW stands for continuous wave.

All the specifications are correct to the best of our ability. If you find an error, please let us know.

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So, that was a lot of details and a lot to think about! We hope it helps you compare apples-to-apples, think about your priorities and come to a conclusion about the best cold laser for your office. If you are still struggling to make a decision, please call us at 1-800-388-0850. Consider, however, these final recommendations. The TQ Solo is always worth considering. Even though it mainly is a consumer unit, it is the lowest cost unit that still has similar specs to the industry average and it is a good way to get your foot in the door. The Avant offers the best balance between healing and pain control with great flexibility and a great ROI. The EVOlaser and ReGen Laser are state of the art class-4 systems that do everything well. It has more of everything you want in a therapeutic laser and is priced much less than comparable class 4 cold lasers.

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