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ColdLasers is very excited to introduce the ReGen Pod PhotoBioModulation (PBM) system from BioPhotonica. This whole body chamber does not use laser diodes but it uses similar core technology as the best lasers in the LLLT and HDLT markets and it does it at power levels far greater than anything else available. For years, we have been seeing weak performance in the LED light therapy market because of poor product optics and PBM understanding. Most existing systems are drastically underpowered, non-pulsing and often LED systems are using the wrong wavelengths of light (using mainly red lights like they use in the cosmetic markets). This is why existing systems have not provided the same performance as cold lasers. But this all changes with the ReGen Pod. Recent technology improvements and research in laser therapy have come together to allow the ReGen Pod to overcome these limitations and take light therapy to the next level.

ReGen Pod Q8 by Biophotonica On Sale for $89,500

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The ReGen Pod is FDA registered.

In the world of therapy lasers, there are several core concepts that ColdLasers.Org has used to train people over the last 20 years. Now the ReGen Pod uses these principal to produce a pod that is the state-of-the-art in LED PBMT:

  • Better wavelengths: Based on the well-published theory of the optical window, we know that best PBMT system on the market operate in the 650nm to 900nm as the primary wavelength. We can also see in the linked graph that this window can extend up to 940nm before the water in tissue starts to abosorb and waste much of the energy. These wavelengths are the most efficient wavelengths for deep tissue penetration and 600nm to 650nm is great if the want more of the energy absorbed in the melanin. The ReGen Pod has the majority of its power in the 800-860nm range and supplements it with 630nm for more superficial issues and 940nm above the optical window for more wavelength diversity. The 4 different wavelengths provide an optimal combination and give users the most flexibility to adapt the system to their needs.
  • More power: Because LEDs are less efficient that laser, the power requirement for LED system is much higher than it is for laser therapy system. The ReGen Pod Q8 comes with 7600 watts of power. The ReGen Pods are the most powerful PBMT systems you can buy and this level of energy overcomes the limitation of LEDs. With over 15,000 LED, the ReGen Pod breaks through to a new level of photobiomodulation.
  • Advance pulsing: Some of the most advance lasers have taken pulsing the laser to a higher level. The ReGen Pod takes this concept even furthur. The ReGen Pod allows for complex pulsing and poewr control of all 4 wavelength independently and also allow for complex inter-wavelength sweeping. With this advanced feature, the system will sweep to a range of 4 different pulsing frequencies and rotate them across the 4 wavelength at a fixed interval. Basically, users have an incredible amount of control over any pulsing setup.
  • Unlimited Customization: One of the big features that we see in high-end lasers is the ability to change different variables to get more out of their system and to allow it to be used on a wider range of issues. If we study the "gold standard" laser like the Eltech Klaser, we see that they give users control of more variables than the lower end options. The ReGen Pod takes the best of these concepts and put them all into a super-flexible unattended system. With 4 independently controlled, continuous wave or adjustable power level pulsing outputs, This system is cutting edge. The system also allows user to rate the performance of the system. This data can be used to contonuously improve the ReGen Pod so that your invest will always be the best option.

So what makes the ReGen Pod so spectacular? If offers a quad-wavelength system with independently controlled pulsing and continuous output with multi-step prgrams. This makes the system more flexible and superior to the most expensive and best engineered lasers in the world.

The other big break-through on the ReGen Pod is the fact that the system can be used unattended. It can actually be used as a self-serve pod with unlimited accounts. The cloud connected system allow professional to create user accounts so that the user can log in and chose from a set of programs. The system tracks user treatments and even monitors progress to constantly improve the treatment plans. Here are a few more advantage of the ReGen Pod. The ReGen Pod comes in 3 different levels. The S3 system is designed to be simple to use for home user who do not need much flexibility. The Q series of system offer the ultimate in control of every key variable that is significant in laser therapy applications. This system is NOT FDA cleared.

Specification Q8
Power Level (watts) 7600
Number of emitters 15,000+
Wavelength Control On/Off, Pulsing (1-10,000Hz) and Continuous
Number of Independently Controlled Pulsing Frequencies 4
Multistep Programs Unlimited
Pulse Sweeping Yes
Downloadable App Store Yes
User Tracking Yes
Equipment Usage Tracking Yes
Includes Industrial Kiosk with 12.9' Graphic Touchscreen Yes
Internal Music BT Connectivity/ Syncronized Sound
Use Professional nad Home
Price $Call For Price

Here is a chart that shows how the ReGen Pod crushes the competition.

ReGenPod® Q8 Competitor No Competitor Ar Competitor Asp
Power 8000 2400 1400 4000
Wavelength 633, 810, 850, 940 630, 660, 850 850, 630, 650, 530 (Green?) 633, 810, 850, 940
Pulsing /Continuous Wave Both CW Only ? Both
Cloud Connected Device Yes No No BT
Adjusts Dosage for Patient Size and Skin Color Yes No No No
Pulsing Presets Yes No No No
Kiosk Control for Self Serve or Practitioner Usage Yes No No No
Sweep Pulsing Yes No No No
Independent Wavelength Control Yes No No No
User Definable Protocols Yes No No No
Internal Factory Protocols Yes No No No
Patient Tracking (Including Outcomes) Yes No No No
Integral Video Conferencing for Factory Support Yes No No No
Factory Troubleshooting Through the Cloud Yes No No No
Tracks Machine Use Time Yes No No No
Future-Proof: Automatic System Updates (So it Never Goes Obsolete) Yes No No No
Remote Protocol Creation Yes No No No


The ReGen Pod will put your business and your customers "light years ahead of the competition."

Read more about the ReGen Pod on the manufacturers website.

Please call for more information.

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