Wound Care & Laser Therapy

Warning: The images below show a severe wound that might make some people uneasy or sick.

Results may vary. This case showed positive results but that does not mean that everyone will get the same results. This is not an FDA cleared application so please check the research to learn more about wound care.

The following was submitted to us from a customer who purchased a system in Mid 2021. The patient is 83 years old with severe diabetic wounds that would not heal. They had been doing traditional wound management for more than 6 months on this wound and it continued to get worse. It was an urgent situation so we expedited a laser and asked them to take pictures so we could see any changes. They did not change any other factors in the care plan other than the addition of the laser therapy.

The day before laser therapy started. test


1 week later

Wound healing is not an FDA cleared application. Lasesr are FDA cleared for inflammation control, pain control and increasing blood flow.

You can see research and the science associated with wound care in the "Light and Laser Therapy" App in the Apple and Google play store.

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