Laserex 3000If you judge therapy units by their performance, then the Laserex 3000 is bound to be the top of your list for a NON-FDA cleared system. The Laserex Laser 3000 is a class 3b laser specifically created for treating animals including dogs and horses with acute and chronic issues. Its an ergonomically designed portable laser with premium product features like acceptation ease of use and safety. This unit packs good power into a small portable package.

The Laserex Package Features:
  • Interchangeable Emitter Heads are available with single and multiple lasers.
  • Full Color Display
  • Continuous Wave (CW) and Programmable Pulsing Laser Modes
  • Standard 808nm wavelength with custom wavelengths available
  • Operating Manual & User's Guide
  • Protocol Manual
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Aluminum Hard Case

This unit comes standard with one emitter. The emitter head is machined from aluminum. The standard emitter wavelength is 808nm but other wavelengths are available. All Laserex systems sold by include a standard US 110 volt battery charger and the protocol library.

Laserex 3000-808-300a Cold Laser System (For acupuncture, trigger point therapy and small treatment areas on animals)

With a single 808nm 300mW Laser head

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$2,046 US
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Laserex 3000-808-450a Cold Laser System / cluster head
(Recommended for general applications, animal use only)

With 3 diode 808nm 450mW laser head

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$2,672 US
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Laserex 3000-808-Dual Cold Laser System with both the single and cluster heads (Animal Use Only)

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$3,298 US
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laserex treating horse

The Laserex Laser 3000 is a lightweight unit weighing only 340g including batteries and measures 205mm, thus making it easy to transport in its stylish carry case. Attention to detail was placed into the design the Laser 3000 in order to obtain a look that was both conventional and classy. The design of the unit is simple, clean and orderly. This is reflected in the entire Laser 3000's product features.

The Laserex 3000 includes:
Interchangeable Heads
The Laser 3000 can operate either off a single head or cluster head from the same base unit. This is very convenient and time saving when treating either large or small muscle groups on the one animal. WE RECOMMEND BUYING THE 450mW HEAD FOR MOST APPLICATIONS. The 300mW single diode head is best for trigger point therapy.

Excellent OLED Screen Display Creates Visual Impact
The color display of the OLED screen along with soft buttons, easily performs all the functions required to operate the Laser 3000.

The Laser 3000 can store up to 14 programmable treatments making it a straight forward and easy procedure to retrieve and execute programs for a variety of standard protocols.

Battery Operated
The units comes with 2 sets of interchangeable batteries and a charging station. This allows for a full backup set of batteries which is perfect for treating animals on the go.

This unit is perfect for busy vets, trainers and animal owners that require a laser therapy device that delivers high performance at an affordable cost. The Laserex 3000 does is like no other cold laser product.

This unit is available for home use on animals including companion pets and horses.

UPS Ground shipping to anywhere in the US is free (including Alaska and Hawaii).

General Specifications

Laserex Console
Output Continuous or Pulsed
Pulse Frequencies 73, 146, 292, 584, 1168, 2336, 4672 Hz
Input Based on Joules/cm^2
Display Color
Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 11in x 2in x 2.5in
808-300 Emitter
Laser Peak Power 0.3W (300mw)
Wavelength 808nm
Laser Class 3b
Number of Lasers 1
808-450 Emitter
Laser Peak Power 3 x 0.15W (450mw)
Wavelength 808nm
Number of Lasers 3

Optional Equipment


This product is manufactured in Australia.


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