We are not talking about a laser here, we are only reviewing the concept of scalar waves. Actually we are not making any statement about the technology either. For more fringe concepts like scalar waves, we like to trust the experts like Jan Turner, Lars Hode and . They are two of the biggest names in laser therapy, members of the Swedish Laser Medical Society and authors of "Phototherapy: Clinical Practice and Scientific Background":Authors of Laser Phototherapy: Clinical Practice and Scientific Background

Here are excerpts of the published document by Turner and Hode in regards to scalar waves.

"No laser equipment designed for laser phototherapy is producing scalar waves and again, even if such waves existed, there is no evidence whatsoever that they should have a positive or negative effect of cell functions."

" Both claims are characterized by gross exaggeration, demonstrating either complete ignorance or deliberate misapplication of the science of optics. "

You can read the full review here.

Also some products associated with scalar wave use Purple and violet wavelengths. If you study our table showing the cold laser specs, you will see that 98% of the manufacturer operate in the Red or IR wavelengths but there are some fringe manufacturers that say that Purple or Violet light is the something special and that the market leaders like Eltech K-laser, LiteCure, EVOlaser and Multiradiance are wrong. In our opinion, Purple and Violet laser are also best wavelength for treating psychological problems in unicorns, fairies and gnomes. For most other conditions, the jury is still out on the "magical" properties of purple light. It is used in photodynamic therapy because the light reacts with the drug carrier to release a chemical that can attack cells but there is very little research at this point to show that purple light is effective at photobiomodulation.



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