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Avant LZ30-ReVi cold laser
Quick Specs
Applications: Humans, companion pets and equine

Output: 300 mW (.3 w) @ 405 nm
Plus 1000 mW (1w) @ 637 nm

Waveforms: CW, Pulse, Sweep
FDA: Cleared
Stock: Yes
Delivery: 3-4 days standard
Shipping: Free
Warranty: 3 Years
Includes Online Protocol Library: Yes

Professionals get a 30-day money back guarantee.

$7,800 US
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The Avant LZ30-ReVi is the newest system in the LZ30 series of lasers and the highest power RED (637nm) and highest power Violet (405nm) on the market by a huge margin. Like it's siblings, the LZ30p and LZ30x and LZ30z, it is incredibly well engineered. The LZ30-ReVi is an FDA cleared class 3b cold laser that provides a superior value when compared to any other handheld cold lasers. The LZ30-ReVi brings the RED (637nm) laser power up to an amazing 1000mW. That is 5 times the power level of a K-Laser® and about 100 times the power level of the newest Erchonia®. The ReVI trades out the 2 NIR (808nm) diodes for violet diodes (405nm) with a total violet power level of 300mW. That is a wooping 60 times the power of the EVRL® and it is half the cost. The EVRL costs $15,900 compared to $7450 for the Avant. The violet wavelength is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal so this system. This means the ReVi is less effective at structural problems like the LZ30 and superior for treating germ related issues.

. We sell the ColdLaser.Org "special edition" that includes an expanded set of pulsing preset that you only get with our version.

Avant ColdLaser Edition

Protocol LibraryThis product allow for the widest range of treatments by allowing users to use continuous wave, pulsed wave and sweeping wave setups using either the 405nm or the 637nm wavelength. For those considering a the EVRL, this system offesr 60 times the power at half the price and also includes pulsing and sweeping modes for better efficacy.

Every LZ30 system from ColdLasers.Org also comes with a web app (image at the left) that can run on a computer, tablet or phone. The system creates step-by-step custom therapy plans for over 100 conditions for humans, pets and horses. The system includes a therapy timer to tell users exactly where to use the laser and how long to hold it there for the best results. The "cookbook" protocols take all the stress and guesswork out of finding the optimum energy target for a variety of conditions. (Ipad mini not include)

The rugged industrial design includes an aluminum anodized body with a toggle stick controlled graphic display. The solidly-built device is perfectly balanced so it feels good in your hand and the compact size (just 1 inch x 1 inch x 4-1/2 inches) makes it easy to use in the office or field. The ergonomic design is easy to use on any part of the body. No other cold laser on the market packs this level of power and flexibility into such a compact size.

The ReVi offers:

  • 300mW of power at 405 nanometer wavelength
  • 1000mW of power at 637 nanometer wavelength
  • The perfect balance of power and safety
  • Programmable continuous, pulsed and sweep output modes.
  • In manual mode, users can set the pulse frequency and duration.
  • Use the factory defined presets or develop your own protocols. The device has enough onboard memory to store hundred of protocols.
  • Self Calibration - As the laser diodes age, the system self adjusts providing a consistent power output. Self Calibration is usually only seen on the most expensive cold lasers.
  • Maximum flexibility using the USB cable. Users can create and maintain presets on their PC by mounting the LZ30-ReVi as a USB drive on their PC.
  • Cordless operation using a 3000mAH Lithium Ion battery
  • Highly portable compact design
  • During operation, shows total photon density and elapsed time
  • Option hand free operation with the Avant stand

It is so easy to get started with the Avant LZ30. It comes from the factory with pulsing presets to address 90% of the standard therapies but the LZ30 also allows for the creation of new protocols including total customizing every variable. Advanced users can step through pre-defined presets in just seconds. For advanced users, the device allows the creation and maintains of a set of favorite presets for optimaixing the laser for different objectives. This list can be accessed using the "joy-stick" on the top of the laser and can be editing directly on the device or by mounting the cold lasers as USB drive on PC.

Avant LZ30x with Trigger Point Probe

The Avant laser can also be used with an optional trigger point / accupuncture probe. We include it with every system. Just detach the standard hood and attache the light pipe. The system recognizes the probe (from it's tiny microchip) and adjusts the system to for trigger point and/or needle-less accupuncture therapy.

The LZ30-ReVi allows users to choose from continuous, pulsed and sweeping pulse modes with power levels of 300mw at 405nm (Violet) and 1000mw at 637nm (red). This allows practitioners and users the maximum flexibility. This device is equally suited for pain control, inflammation reduction and increasing blood flow.

The LZ30-ReVi includes a one of the best warranties in the industry. They can offer a 3-year warranty because they use the highest grade component in their design so this product is built in California and built to last.

No body beats Avant and ColdLasers.Org for customer support. .

Avant LZ30-ReVi Cold Laser System

300mW at 405nm and 1000mW at 637nm

Includes case, 2 pair glasses, charger, probe adapter, web app & pro-level support

In Stock
$7,800 US
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Delivery is typically 2-3 days.


Avant LZ30 with case

Product Specifications

  Avant LZ30-ReVi
Output Options Continuous, Pulsed and Sweep
Number of laser emitters

Two 150mW diodes (405nm)

Two 500mW AlGaInP diodes (637nm)

Safety lockout Yes, key code required to start unit.
Safety Class 3B
Self-Calibrating Device Yes
Warranty 3 Years
Overall Specifications
Weight 6 oz.
Shipping Weight 3.5 lbs including accessories and case
Dimensions 1 in x 1 in x 6.5 in
Battery Spec 3000mAh Lithium Ion
Battery Capacity Approx 90 minutes when using at maximum output.
Charge Time 8 hours (from empty)
Battery Standby 2 years
Wavelength & Power
Violet Laser 300mW of 405nm violet laser light from two calibrated 150mW diodes.
Red Laser 1000mW of 637nm red laser light from two calibrated InGaAlP diodes.

The Avant LZ30-ReVi does not use inexpensive LEDs or cheap laser diodes. Cheaper LEDs do not offer the same level of power control that you get from using a InGaAlP diode. The LZ30-ReVi uses the highest quality laser diodes available and it is a self-calibrated device so that you can get the "optimum" amount of energy into a treatment area every time. The LZ30-ReVi also includes a large treatment area. Using advanced optics, the product allow users to treat area up to 1 square inch without moving the device. For practitioners, the larger treatment area means faster treatment times. For beginning users, the broad treatment area means that users are more likely to treat the "sweet spot" when treating a poorly defined problem area.



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