We are huge fans of Dr. Weber. His work in Germany is decades ahead of the rest of the world and we consider his books as some the best PBM resources available. We are very exited to offer their laser and other PBM options as they offer some of the most unique products.
Thor LX2 Controller

Weber Needle

This system is for intravedious application of light energy directly into the blood stream.
DDV Portable Controler

Weber Laser Helmet

This battery operated helmet uses 810nm 50mW laser diodes with the heavy technical backgroud of Weber Laser. This is the system that people who are mainly working above the neck have been asking for.
Thor 1 watt laser emitter

Weber Laser "Watch"

This system utilizes a vareity of different laser diode to stimulate the blood at the wrist. Because it can slowly apply dosage over long periods.

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Every Thor LLLT system is built to order. Contact us at 800-388-0850 to get more information about Thor low level laser therapy systems.

Thor LLLT lasers

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