Avant LZ30 Laser in case Applications: FDA cleared human, horse and dog protocols
Waveforms: CW, Pulse, Multiphase
Stock: Yes
Delivery: 3-day standard
Warranty: 3 Years

$4,950 to $7,850
4 Options:
LZ30p: 600mW at 808nm + 80mW @ 637nm ( Home users only)

LZ30x: 1000mW at 808nm + 250mW @ 637nm ( Pro and home users)

LZ30z: 1400mW at 808nm + 1000mW @ 637nm ( Pro and home users )

ReVi: 1000mW at 637nm + 300mW @ 405nm ( Red and anti-bacterial violet lasers)

The newest generation of the LZ30p, LZ30x, LZ30z are the state-of-the-art in class 3b cold laser technology and our exclusive LZ30x and LZ30z "ColdLasers.Org edition" makes it even better with our extended preset library. These FDA-cleared lasers provide an unparalleled balance of features and they totally crush the competition when compared to other class 3b models like Thor™, Microlight™ and the Erchonia™. With the Avant Class 3b lasers, you get more power, more flexibility, and a longer warranty for less than any competing lasers. The LZ30 lasers have up to 15 times the power of the ML830™ AND up to 200 times the power level of an Erchonia™ laser system. This means you can either shorten your treatment times by 15X (by targeting the same dosage) or give your patients the higher dosage that often makes the difference between success and failure.

Avant laser in hard case
Avant LZ30 accessories
Avant interchangable emitters
Avant Hood view
Avant LZ30 full solutions
Avant LZ30 small case
Avant LZ30 accessories
Avant emitter view diodes
LZ30 hood by Avant
Avant Class 3b lasers kit

Compare the Avant to Erchonia, Microlight, Cutting Edge, Thor and Apollo.

The LZ30 series are the only self-calibrating cold laser with automatic power control that sells for less than $6500 (Medilaser). The LZ30p, LZ30x and LZ30z come with a web-app therapy timer with over 200 dynamically created precision protocols for humans, horses and dogs. This LZ30z is one of the most powerful class 3b IR (808nm) laser on the market and it is the most power FDA cleared RED (637nm) laser available at any price. When you combine these great spec with a 3-year warranty and training from a doctor over the phone (included with every system), you are getting maximum flexibility and some of the best support in the industry. Professionals can get a 30-day money back guarantee on any LZ30.

Avant System LZ30p LZ30x LZ30z
Infra Red Power (808nm) 600 mW 1000 mW 1400 mW
Red Power (637 nm) 80 mW 250 mW 1000 mW
Violet (405nm) - - -
Pulsing Presets1 3 + CW 200+ including ColdLasers.Org library1 200+ including ColdLasers.Org library1
Charging Base No No Yes
Sales Requirements* Home Users Only Pro or Home Use Pro or Home Use
Price $4,850 US
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$6,250 US
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$7,200 US
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1 We sorted through over 1800 pulsing presets (including a lot of misleading, ineffective and worthless options) and only include the most proven pulsing options from classical and contemporary scientific research. Our optimized preset library allows users to have all the most established pulsing frequencies without all the nightmarish clutter.

*Avant systems include training and long-term support over the phone. Pro users have a much higher support requirements so they will not sell their lowest cost laser (LZ30p) to professional. They also want doctors to have more power so they can can get consistently great results without long treatment times that might disrupt their practice. The treatment times on the LZ30x and LZ30z average 8 - 12 minutes. The LZ30p treatment times are up to 40% longer.

All 3 LZ30 systems include free shipping, water-resistant case, 2 pair safetly glasses, charger, probe adapter, USB cable, web app & training/support over the phone.

Hands Free LZ30 Laser Stand

This boom-style stand allows users to treat hard to reach areas or do unattended therapy on an area up to about 10 inches in diameter. The laser is magnetically held in a cup to prevent dropping. (see image below)
In Stock: Yes
Shipping: Free
$250 US
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Protocols and Pulsing

Using the Avant laser is based on 2 elements. Protocols and Presets.



Every system we sell includes the Laser-Therapy.US laser therapy protocol library, which is the absolute state-of-the-art protocol library. It follows all the best practices by adjusting for condition, therapy goal, skin color and patient size. It will tell you step-by-step where (see image to left) and how long to use the laser. "Static" protocols like you get in a photocopy do not follow the industry standards and can lead to low efficacy because they do not adapt the dosage to meet the patients needs. Protocols set the time and location while pulsing presets tweak the performance of the laser by allowing users to select from different options to recalibrate the treatment area with pulsing.

Pulsing Presets

All our LZ30 lasers come with about 300 internal pulsing presets to address all of the conditions that most people would treat with a laser. We sorted through over 1800 pulsing presets (including a lot of misleading, ineffective and worthless options) and only include the most proven pulsing options from classical and contemporary scientific research. Our optimized preset library allows users to have all the most established pulsing frequencies without all the nightmarish clutter of bloated libraries. Our systems 2 groups of presets:

  • ColdLasers.Org library (personally curated by the president of Avant)
  • Dr. Rick Amy library

The Avant also allows for total customization of every variable using the top mounted bezel-controller or The system can also be attached to a computer using the included USB cable. This is an option for high-level users who want addition customization and it is not part of the typical usage.

New users can easily step through presets, favorites, and advanced features using the bezel-controller. For advanced users, the device allows the creation and maintenance of a set of favorites (presets for treating special problems).

The LZ30 allows users to choose from continuous, pulsed and sweep operation with power levels up to 1400mW at 808nm (infrared) and up to 1000mW at 637nm (red). This allows practitioners and users the same level of control as many of the most expensive cold lasers on the market.


Every LZ30 system also comes with a web app (image at the left) that can run on a computer, tablet or phone. The website application does not talk to the laser but it does creates step-by-step custom therapy plans for over 250 conditions for humans, pets and horses. The "cookbook" protocols take all the stress and guesswork out of finding the optimum energy target for a variety of conditions. This system also includes support from Dr Rick Amy, the clinical support specialist for Avant.

This industrial design includes an aluminum anodized body with a soft rubber grip to make the product easy to control. The device is solidly built and perfectly balanced so it feels good in your hand. The compact size (just 1 inch x 1 inch x 4-1/2 inches) makes it easy to transport and use on any part of the body. No other cold laser on the market packs this level of power and control into such a compact size.

hands free Avant System

You can also use the Avant Laser with a stand for hands-free or unattended therapy. Just set up the laser and then drop it into the cradle. The laser slides right in. You can use the adjustments on the mount to set the angle and treatment size before you lock it down. The laser easily pops in and out of the stand for multi-step treatments. If you place the laser about 2 feet way from the treatment area, the laser will treat a 9-inch-by-9-inch area. This means that you can deliver over 1000 joules (CW Infrared mode) into a lower back or other similar area in about 12 minutes while you attend to other patients. (The white treatment area in the image is because the laser overloads the camera. The outer red ring is less intense so it shows up as red. Both are actually red.)


Avant LZ30x with Trigger Point Probe

All LZ30 products can be used with the included light pipe (probe adapter) for trigger point and acupoint therapy.

Here is a comparison chart of the 3 different models.

Model LZ30p LX30x LX30z
IR Laser Power (808nm) 600 mW 1000 mW 1400 mW
Red Laser Power (mW @ 637nm) 80 mW 250 mW 1000 mW
Charging Options Cable Cable Dock &/or Cable
Phone Support /training from Doc* Home Use Only Pro Level Pro Level

* Home users typically treat just a few different conditions so they require a lower level of long term support when compared to doctor's who are constantly finding new applications for the laser. Home users may buy an p, x or z.


The LZ30p, LZ30x and LZ30z offer:

  • Up to 1400 mW (1.4W) of at 808 nm (nanometer) wavelength plus up to 1000 mW (1w) at 637 nm (Class 3b)
  • The perfect balance of power and safety
  • One-on-one support over the phone with the Avant doctor-on-staff
  • Programmable continuous, pulsed and sweep pulsing output modes
  • Use the factory defined presets or develop your own protocols. The device has enough onboard memory to store hundreds of protocols.
  • Self-Calibration: An internal feedback mechanism ensures that the laser is providing a consistent power output. This is a feature usually only seen on the most expensive cold lasers.
  • Maximum flexibility using the included USB cable.
  • Optionally, users can create and maintain recipes on a PC by mounting your LZ30 as a USB drive on your PC. This advanced feature is not used by most users but is available.
  • Highly portable compact design
  • Cordless operation using Lithium Ion batteries
  • Web App Therapy Timer & Dynamic Laser Protocol Generator

FDA ClearedIt includes a 3-year warranty. Nobody beats Avant and ColdLasers.Org for customer support.

Standard delivery is 3-4 days.

These systems include:

  • Waterproof hard case
  • 2 pairs of safety goggles
  • USB cable, charger
  • Detachable hood, dust cover, replaceable smooth hood covers
  • Users Manual
  • Training from the factory
  • Web App Therapy Timer & Dynamic Laser Protocol Generator

Avant LZ30 with case

Product Specifications

  LZ30p LZ30x LZ30z
Output Options Continuous, Pulsed And Sweep Continuous, Pulsed And Sweep Continuous, Pulsed And Sweep
Number of laser emitters

Two 300mW GaAlAs diodes (808nm)

Two 40mW InGaAlP diodes(637nm)

Two 500mW GaAlAs diodes (808nm)

Two 125mW InGaAlP diodes(637nm)

Two 700mW GaAlAs diodes (808nm)

Two 500mW InGaAlP diodes (637nm)

Safety lockout Yes, keycode required to start Yes, keycode required to start Yes, keycode required to start
Safety Class 3b 3b 3b
Calibrated Device Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Weight 6 Oz. 6 Oz. 6 Oz.
Dimensions 1 in x 1 in x 5.5 in 1 in x 1 in x 5.5 in 1 in x 1 in x 5.5 in
Battery Spec 3000mAh Lithium Ion 3000mAh Lithium Ion 3000mAh Lithium Ion
Battery Capacity 6 hours when using the red lasers, 100 minutes when using infrared at maximum output. 80 minutes when using the red lasers, 60 minutes when using infrared at maximum output. 50 minutes when using the red lasers, 40 minutes when using infrared at maximum output.
Charge Time 8 hours (from empty) 8 hours (from empty) 8 hours (from empty)
Battery Standby 2 years 2 years 2 years
Wavelength & Power
Infra Red Laser 600mW @ 808nm 1000mW @ 808nm 1400mW @ 808nm
Red Laser 80mW @ 637nm 250mW @ 637nm 1000mW @ 637nm

Avant hand heldThe LZ30 series of lasers do not use inexpensive laser diodes, SLDs or LEDs. Cheaper LEDs do not offer the same level of power control that you get from using high-end InGaAlP diodes. All the Avant products use the highest quality laser diodes, and they are self-calibrating so that as the diodes age and the output decreases, this system adjust the input power up so that you can same power output year after year. The LZ30 products also include a broad treatment area. Using advanced optics, the product allows users to treat area up to 1 inch by 1 inch without moving the device. For practitioners, the larger treatment area means faster treatment times. For beginning users, the broad treatment area means that users are more likely to hit the "sweet spot" when treating a poorly defined problem area.

Click here to see the way the Avant specs stack up against all the other major FDA-cleared lasers

* The Infra Red wavelength is better for deep therapy and the visible red is better for superficial or systemic therapy.

Before this product was released in 2013, it was sometimes called a TheraLazr.

Avant Reviews

In 13 years as a chiro I have yet to come across any healing devise that has worked so well.  My father after a lifetime of low back pain told me last Easter that this is the first time he can remember being pain free.  My mother had a large curve in her upper back from a whiplash as a child plus 3 degenerative discs in her low back with disc bulges.  She is now pain free and has straightened out the curve in her upper back to lower neck.  She also said she has gained about an inch and a half of height back.  Not sure if its from the curve straightening or in combination with healing the flatten discs. For someone in there upper 60s this is very impressive.  I am sure you hear this all the time but thought I would share anyway.  Thank you for your great work. - Dr. Trent Habstritt , San Diego, CA

I have been using a cold laser for 10 years throughout my career as a physical therapist. I have used a few different brands and when it came time to invest in my own, hands down, the Avant-LZ30x has been the most reliable, easy to use, and produced the best outcomes for my patients both human and canine. Coldlasers.org provides great customer service and answers questions thoroughly. I am very happy with purchase and would hands down recommend Coldlasers.org! - Erin Downey, PT, DPT, CCRT


The Avant laser is amazing. We definitely made the right choice for man and beast.
I think I'm seeing results for the neuropathy in my legs. It's done wonders for my lower back and neck as well as my dog...- Kyle R, 2018


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