LiteCure is based in Delaware and they produced the LCT-1000 cold lasers as one of the first truly successful 10 watt lasers. The LCT1000 was one of the original workhorses of the industry but it is not in production any more. It has been replaced the LightForce series of lasers. The newer systems are comparable to Aspen or Nexus system but it a has an option for a unique trackball emitter that is perfect for applying pressure while moving the emitter. The track ball system is patented so no other manufacturer has this option. The downside to the trackball is that it can trap dirt, dead skin, dander, viruses and bacteria inside the roller ball and pass it from patient to patient if it is not disassembled and cleaned after every use.

The LCT-1000 was an innovative, scientifically based, therapeutic modality. This product is based on technology that offers advanced pain relief through a process known as photobiomodulation. This product was FDA cleared in March 2007. The LCT-1000 uses a main control unit with a fiber optic cable to the handheld emitter. We no longer sell this laser but we get some used LiteCure lasers on trade-in sometimes.


The LCT-1000 is a Class IV Cold Laser: This deep tissue therapy laser was carefully designed and manufactured with industry standard safety features. This provides the doctors and practitioner with peace of mind that every effort has been made to ensure the product's safe use and operation. The laser complies with all regulatory requirements and standards. Each laser undergoes an extensive quality assurance process and testing in their ISO-13485 approved facility.

LiteCure Class 4 LCT1000 10-watt Cold Laser System
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The LCT-1000 has the following advantages:

  • Up to 10 watts of continuous power at 980/810 nm
  • Diameter emitter (spot size) ranges with the probe (2.5 to 3.5 cm)
  • Continuous and Pulse Setting
  • Large Spot Size
  • Blended Wavelength. The new LightForce system are
  • Designed and Manufactured in an ISO-13485 Approved Facility

The LCT-1000 incorporates an adjustable power settings up to 10W. The product can be used on both continuous and pulse mode. The laser may be used in either the pulse or continuous at 10 watt power but the probe should be moving to prevent heat buildup.

The manufacturer of the LCT-1000 claims they can deliver larger dosages of therapeutic energy (up to 1,500 times more energy than other therapy lasers). This is probably true since some lasers on the market (that have request to be removed from this web site) are super low power.

In general, power reduces treatment time and increases the productivity in a doctor's office. The diameter of the emitter is also key since it contribute to delivering a larger number of photons to the treatment area without the risk of damaging the tissue. The larger the emitter spot size, the faster the treatment. This allows the clinician to treat more patients with greater efficacy and improved results. Patients respond favorably to faster treatment times with increased compliance for follow-up treatment sessions. The LCT-1000 utilizes a non-contact treatment method. This non-contact treatment method makes it significantly easier for the clinician to provide treatment.

The LiteCure LCT1000 system includes everything show on the table.


This may also be used with a message ball for contact therapy. Before this system went out of production, the cost was about $12,000.


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