According to the Center for Devices and Radiological Health at the FDA, companies are legally allowed to market a medical device only for the specific use for which it had been granted clearance. Selling or promoting a device for unapproved (off label) indications is illegal. We are not promoting the use of cold lasers for anti-aging & cosmetics treatments since these are not an FDA approved applications. Outside the US, cold lasers are widely used for cosmetic therapy however this is not an approved application in the US and this information is for reference only and NOT intended to promote the use of cold lasers for cosmetic therapy.

Hot Lasers

Most cosmetic lasers are actually hot lasers. Tatoo removal, hair removal and blemish removal are all based on burning away unwanted tissue. These type of cosmetic lasers are typically CO2 laser with a power level of 50 watts or more. These cosmetic lasers have very little in common with cold lasers for therapy and rehab.

Fat Reduction Lasers

Another category of cold lasers is fat reduction lasers and fat reduction light therapy devices. In these products the energy is spread over a large area so there is no heating or burning, therefore they can be considered cold lasers. Products for this market are optimized for fat reduction and are not good therapy lasers and visa versa. There are protocols that can allow a cold laser to be used for fat reduction, however it is not as effective as a product designed specifically for fat reduction.

Cosmetic Cold Laser Therapy

  • Make sure to read the owners manual before starting any treatment.
  • Anti-aging indications are intended for use outside of the USA only. The FDA cleared designation for the cold laser limits any representation of the use of this product for any treatment other than the original application.
  • The use of a cold laser for the anti-aging and cosmetic treatment is based on a long-term treatment plan. Since cold lasers help the body heal itself, by rejuvenating the cells, increasing blood flow and increasing collagen production, the process is a long-term solution and is not intended to produce immediate results.
  • Do not use the cold laser on any tissue that is prone for cancer. The energy from the laser "may" accelerate the growth of cancer cells. There is no evidence for this but we want to be conservative.
  • Do not use the cold laser on the neck near the thyroid. The energy from the laser can negatively affect on the thyroid.
  • The cold laser should be used a maximum of 10 minutes/day when working on the head and neck.

The positive energy from the sun is the source of all life on Earth. The super pulsed laser light, infrared and red spectrum light from the TerraQuant Laser has similar healing properties. As we age, skin cell function naturally slows, as do the processes that keep our skin youthful looking. The cold laser permeates the top layers of the skin, sending a message to protein enzymes and cells. That message speeds up the cellular metabolic process, which activates our skin cells to produce more cellular energy (ATP).

Outside the US, cold lasers are internationally renowned treatment solution for:

  • Wrinkles
  • Varicose Veins appearance
  • Cellulite appearance
  • Acne symptoms relief
  • Psoriasis symptoms
  • Fungus symptoms: killing the fungus takes a higher power laser.
  • Eczema symptoms
  • Burns

Outside the US, thousands of cosmetologists and private patients around the world have used cold lasers for skin rejuvenation. TerraQuant uses a Laser with the unique combination of Therapeutic Red Light and Magnetic Field Generation. TerraQuant therapy firms and rejuvenates the face, minimizing wrinkles. This holistic treatment works with the body's own natural processes to counteract the effects of aging. Incredible results have been achieved, outside the US, when a systematic plan using a TerraQuant cold laser is combined with proper skin care.

Skin Care Protocols

For smaller treatment areas like the face (especially around the eyes), the use of light probes is recommended. The light probes are compatible with SE25, LaserStim and TQ Solo emitters. They are made of polished non-toxic glass and focus the energy into a smaller diameter.

Possible TerraQuant TQ Solo Setup





5 minutes

1000 - 3000Hz

* Limit the motion of the emitter as much as possible while still covering the target area.
* Treating a larger target area will dilute the energy over a larger area and result in less healing.
* Use protective Eye wear for treatments on face or near eyes.


Treatments Per Day Per Area

Max Treatment Time Per Day

Treatments Duration (Course)


Rest Period Between Courses

1 or 2 (2 max**)

30 minutes

3 to 7 days

Daily ( 2 max)

1 week

Drink at least 1.5 liters of water and try to rest for at least 10 minutes after each treatment.

** If performing multiple treatments in one area, take at least 4 hours between treatments.

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