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Since 2008, ColdLasers.Org has been "The most trusted name in Cold Lasers." Located in beautiful Louisville, Colorado, our organization is dedicated to providing the absolute best in cold laser equipment and service. We provide information about alternative therapies to traditional drugs and surgeries for practitioners and end-users so people can get the relief they need. Beginning as a general advocate for the use of cold lasers, ColdLasers.Org was established to help people find comprehensive information about the use of cold lasers (LLLT) and soft lasers for the treatment of pain, poor circulation and other common ailments.

Why ColdLasers.Org is Different

If you spend some time on our site, you will notice that we are numbers geeks. We love to talk about dosages and wavelengths, power and pulsing frequencies. We like to make calculations to illustrate the real world differences between the products. We talk about specification and facts, not claims and pseudoscience. When it comes to lasers, we are independent. We have worked with almost every laser on the market so we know the strengths and weaknesses of most systems so, yes, we have some favorites but that is based on the science, performance and specs. We are not forced to make quotas for any product so we pride ourselves on helping people find the most appropriate laser for their application. We also include information about the entire cold laser market. Even if you don't buy from us, we hope we can help you learn the potential for lasers. Every buyer has unique requirements so please call us if you need help choosing a system.

Our Philosophy

We know, based on personal experience, the use of cold laser can have a huge positive impact on your health. We also know that there is some confusing information out there about the use, benefits and advantages of cold lasers. Based on this background, our corporate goals are to:

  • Sell the best cold laser (LLL) equipment available
  • Provide the best technical support in the industry
  • Help grow the cold laser industry by presenting useful and concise information
  • Help educate consumers about cold laser therapy (LLLT) and the use of cold lasers

If you need help selecting a cold laser, call us toll-free at 1-800-388-0850.

Why We Sell And Promote Cold lasers

I starting playing competitive sports (mostly volleyball) in college and since I am 6' 7", I put a lot of stress on my knees. After years of chronic pain, I had both knee scoped in 2002. Still I had chronic pain and I spent a lot of my time and money getting physical therapy, acupuncture and chiro. These all helped a little but the pain never went away. Then one day, while at my family acupuncturist, she wanted to show me the cold laser she had just purchased. Being a total tech head, she knew I would be interested in the new therapy. She used it on my knees and I was blown away. It was the best my knees felt in years and after a few more visits my chronic knee pain was permanently gone and remains in remission today. Cold Lasers made a huge impact on the quality of my life so I am now dedicated to spreading the news about cold lasers, in hopes it will help you too.

Ken Teegardin



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