The following is a blog post about several questionable laser deals that we have seen on the web. It is personal opinion but it is an important issue to discuss the fact that there are lasers scams on the web.

There is a website that advertises using Google Ads. The review site is a blog that says that most "cold lasers" are scams and the ZPE is the best product on the market.

They advertise their own brand of "cold lasers" in the price range from $600 to $3,200. I found this puzzling since I own a product that looks almost identical to the ZPE.'[;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Here is a picture of a laser pointer that I purchased at a convenience store for less than $10 in 1990.

Zero Point ZPE Laser Pointer


Here is a screen capture from Ebay showing a zero point energy cold lasers selling for 1 penny.

Zero Point Energy Scam

This same product is sold as a therapeutic cold laser for $695.

Magic Stickers

Here is another scam. Stickers that make lasers more powerful. I hope that I don't even need to go into any details why this is a total scam. If you believe in magic and really need a stick, I will send some of my kids stickers for free. The will boost the laser performance as much as any stick you can buy for laser enhancement.

Information Encoded Lasers

I have been approached by several people to sell their "encoded" lasers. These product have some mystical property where information is added to the laser beam in a product that looks like a super cheap laser pointer with shiny paint. Without any microprocessor, these products claim to add information into the laser beam to send it into your body. The principal is used in digital communications but requires a microprocessor on both ends to encode and decode the information. This concept might have some validity but it would take some serious engineering to figure it out. If you have that kind of resources, I don't think you should put it into a device that looks like a laser point. Of coarse, that little extra theory increases the cost the device from around $10 to about $500.

Please do your own research before purchasing any products.


Hyper-Marketing Words for Over-valued products

Here are some other words like zero point energy that are used to market lasers that have real no meaning. They are purely used to make the lasers sound like it is something special and they typically has no scientific basis.

  • Multiscan Laser
  • Photon Laser
  • Pulsar Plus Laser
  • Scalar Wave
  • Quantum Wave

In general, there is a inverse relationship between a solid technical product and over-hyped marketing. The greater the hype, the lesser the product. Manufacturer that don't use hyper-marketing to describe their products rely on quality, support, specs and reputation to sell their products and not trickery.

If it looks like a laser pointer and smells like a laser pointer, it might just be a laser pointer.

Every day, someone asks why they can‚??t just use a laser pointer or other inexpensive device that looks like a laser pointer (but are called therapeutic lasers) for cold laser therapy.
There are 3 main reasons why a laser pointer will not be effective.

  1. Laser pointers are the wrong wavelength for most applications. Since laser pointers are in the visible wavelength (around 600nm), they only achieve a shallow penetration depth. Visible Red light is great for some applications but it is not the industry standard for deep penetration.
  2. Because of government regulation, over-the-counter continuous laser pointers are limited to less than 1 mW. Most well established pain protocols call for 50 to 15000 joules of total energy per treatment (laser output at the skin level) to achieve even distributed target energies in deep tissue at a density of 5 joules/cm2. It takes a laser pointer over 16 minutes to get 1 joule so the total time to get 500 joules (a medium dosage) would be 5.7 days per treatment.  Even if you kept your laser pointer constantly moving around your injury area 24 hours per day, you will never reach a recommended level and you might not ever see a noticeable improvement in your condition. Here is a chart that show the treatment times for different power lasers.
    Target Energy @ Surface
    5 J
    50 J
    500 J
    1500 J
    5000 J
    Laser Power Rate (J/min)
    Treatment Time
    1 mw 0.06 83 minutes 13 hours 5.7 days 17 days 57 days
    5 mw 0.3 17 minutes 2.7 hours 1.1 days 3.4 days 11 days
    100 mw 6 1 minute 8 minutes 83 minutes 4.2 hours 13 hours
    1,000 mw 60 5 seconds 50 seconds 8.3 minutes 25 minutes 83 minutes
    5,000 mw 240 1 second 10 seconds 1.6 minutes 1.5 minutes 4 minutes
    10,000 mw 600 .5 seconds 5 seconds 50 seconds 3 minutes 8 minutes
    Blue is unreasonably short, red is unreasonable long.
  3. Laser pointers are small and focused. If you shine a laser on the wall and it makes a tiny bright spot, it is not a broad coverage therapeutic laser. Broad coverage lasers diffuse the beam at about 30 degrees to get even energy over a larger area. When you treat a knee injury with a laser, you want even distribution of the energy over a large area of tissue, bone and ligaments deep inside the knee.  The treatment is like painting a wall; it is much easier to do it correctly with a roller than with a brush the size of a ball point pen. You just can't do a good job treating deep tissue with a tiny focused beam.

Don't just take it from us, Read and article by Turner and Hodes, two of the most published doctors on the cutting edge of laser therapy and leaders of the WALT and Swedish Laser Medical Society . Here is their take on some of the marketing for some products.

At ColdLasers.Org, we like to stick to the more concrete factors and specs (wavelengths, power levels, pulsing frequencies and protocols) and stay away from the marketing as much as possible.  When you are comparing products, make sure you understand the specs and how they affect the performance before you spend a dollar.


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