K-LaserThe Cube™ VET is made by Eltech K-laser and sold by Chattanooga. This system is the laser that made the name K-laser famous as the premier laser in the Protobiomodulation world. For many years, K-LaserUSA® built their reputation on delivering these top-quality Italian-made masterpieces. Then in 2018, K-laserUSA blew it and lost their contract to sell any Eltech K-laser products. K-LaserUSA now sells a laser made China (with all the problems that we typically see from China lasers) and Chattanooga sells the "real" K-Laser. The Eltech K-laser Cube VET systems are Italian-built class 4 therapeutic laser devices that offer 3 or 4 different wavelengths simultaneously or independently. The Cube VET is an incredibly well designed piece of equipment that is already used all over the world.

In addition to being the highest quality laser you can buy, this system includes the widest range of accessories of any class 4 system. With their proprietary interchangeable heads, you can focus the beam from 15mm ( for acupuncture and trigger point) to 40mm with their large head, you can also do unattended therapy with their extension plus kit. No other class 4 does acupuncture, standard therapy and unattended therapy.

The Cube VET is also one-of-kind system because they allow up to 12 phases in one therapy protocol . This means that selecting a single protocol from the internal protocol library can execute even the most advanced combination of CW and pulsing in any any wavelength. The means that a single protocol can start out in continuous wave mode with all 3 or 4 wavelengths on for 30 seconds follow by 5 HZ pulsing at 810nm for another 40 second followed by 10 other specific setups. No one else in the industry has this level of control.

This WiFi enabled system also allow for patients tracking. As a option, doctors can track patient parameters and track their treatments dosage and other parameters on the laser.

In the table below, you will see that K-laser uses oversized laser diodes that can be operate independently for up 20 watt of power in one wavelength or any combination of wavelengths up to 20 watts total. If you compare this to other manufactures, their 20 watt systems will have 10 watt laser diodes or less so when you switch to a single wavelength you loose over 50% of the rate power.
This version has internal protocols for animals. Click here to see The Cube that contains internal protocols for humans.

Eltech K-Laser


Cube 3 Cube 4 Cube 4 Plus
Power & wavelength

15W Combined -
100mW @ 660nm
12,000mW @ 810nm
12,00mW @ 980nm

20W Combined -
200mW @ 660nm
15,000mW @ 810nm
15,00mW @ 980nm
20,000mW @ 910nm (Peak)
20W Combined -
200mW @ 660nm
15,000mW @ 810nm
15,00mW @ 980nm
20,000mW @ 910nm (Peak)
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 5 Years
Type of Lens Fixed w/interchangeable accessories Fixed w/interchangeable accessories Dynamic Zoom w/interchangeable accessories
Price $19,990 $24,000 $27,500
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