All the images and specifics about this product have been removed at the request of K-laser. Their laser is in the top group of class-4 lasers when it comes to power. The big 4 manufacturers of systems over 10 watts are K-Laser, LiteCure, Nexus, and Aspen. This group of lasers are significantly different than class 3b lasers or even the Apollo class 4 laser because they all deliver enough energy density that patients can feel that something is happening during a standard treatment. The slight warming effect you get from a high power coherent laser can have a big impact on the perception of what is happening during the therapy. All 4 of these products also have touch screens for easy setup. These 2 factors give this group of lasers the maximum wow-factor for your patients.

Of course, the most important factor for this group of lasers is the ability to delivery high dosages in a short time. Many of the protocols for this group of laser call for dosages in the range of 1,000 to 3,000 joules. They even go as high as 10,000 joules in some cases. If the laser is in continuous wave (CW) mode, a 10-watt system will deliver 600 joules per minute so a typical 1,500 joule treatment is about 2 minutes. These dosages cannot be reached in a reasonable amount of time with lesser products so this is a big advantage if you believe that power is biggest factor in helping patients. We are seeing great results in pain clinics across the country with these higher level of energy so it definitely works and we recommend this level of product for the more serious structural problems (joints, ligament, discs and deep tissue problems). All four of these products also have the ability to pulse the laser.

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