Terraquant LS-50 Emitter

The TerraQuant/MR4 LS50-4 LaserShower Emitter has the following features:

  • Shorter treatment times
  • Higher photonic density
  • Ability to treat a broader coverage area and more power
  • 50,000 mW of Super Pulsed Laser Power
  • Coverage area (over 3.1 in^2 (20cm^2)
  • 4 GaAs (LS50) Super Pulsed Lasers
  • 4 infrared emitting diodes
  • 4 red light emitting diodes
  • 2 year warranty

The LaserShower emitter is ideal for stimulating greater systemic effects and treating the spine or large muscle groups. This is an emitter only and can be added to any TerraQuant controller.

The round LS50 emitter is a cluster probe that incorporates four super pulsed GaAs diodes. It covers 5 times more area than the standard SE25 emitter.

TerraQuant/MR4 LS50-4 LaserShower Emitter $2, 995 Call for Details

UPS Ground shipping to anywhere in the US is free (including Alaska and Hawaii).

This emitter requires the TerraQuant controller that is sold in the Pro, LS50, Elite and LaserStim systems!

General Specifications

LS50-4 LaserShower Emitter
Laser Peak Power 50W (50,000mw)
Infrared LED's 60mW
Red LED's 7.5mW
FDA Cleared Yes
Laser 905 nm
Infrared 875 nm
Red 660 nm
Class II Equipment Applied Part Type BF
Laser Class 1M (IEC 60825-1)

FDA Terraquant

The Terraquant LS50-4 is the perfect upgrade for any TerraQuant Console System. With 50,000 milliwatts of power and 4 GaAs laser emitters, it has the power to treat the most severe conditions. The super-pulsed laser technology allow this laser system to be sold without a prescription or license, making the most powerful system available for home operation.


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